Our Founder’s Story…

Costello International - Founder, Tom Costello

My name is Tom Costello, the founder of Costello International. I began work with artisans living outside the city of Taxco in Mexico in 1972.

Costello International has always been a voice for economic justice in rural Mexico.

We promote traditional jewelry crafting. This area is famed for the production of gold, sterling, and folk-art jewelry.  

These farming families create crafts part time. Their primary economic pursuits are agriculture and animal husbandry.  

Rural absenteeism is estimated as high as seventy five percent.

For those artisans who work with us, our relationship has been a major factor in their ability to continue village life. We believe the bonds we have created with these families are the true measure of our work. 

State health authorities admit to being able to service only one-third of the geographical area of their jurisdiction. Health officials never visit the other two-thirds of the state.  The state budget for health care services for the remaining population they do serve, is less than one US dollar annually per person.

Partnering with DHL, one of our accomplishments has been the acquisition and delivery of medical equipment used in ophthalmic analysis, surgery, and treatment. The recipient is the Taxco Adolfo Prieto Hospital for the Poor, where artisan families receive medical care.

Please accept my gratitude for learning more about the work we do at Costello International.

We hope you too will become a member of our greater family.

“Somos sus servidores” – “We are your servants”

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