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A Girl, A Truck And Her Dad: A Texas Father’s Day Story

A Girl, A Truck And Her Dad:

A Texas Father’s Day Story

“[My father] traveled back and forth from Austin to southern Mexico to the state of Morelos in the 1970s,” Tzintzun Ramirez said. “And he felt like it was kind of like a shot of green across the picturesque landscapes and that it was like a shot of hope, I guess. My dad met my mom in this truck because she’s from Mexico.”

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Euro Eseuro - Michoacana Family Gains Ground In Guerrero

Michoacana family gains ground in Guerrero; controls Taxco and goes to more municipalities

The colonial city of Taxco, full of traditions, history, religion and an architecture that is reminiscent of several cities in Spain, has been immersed in a deep security crisis for the last two years, since no one escapes the floor fee and the increase in food prices, in addition to extortion, assaults, kidnappings and murders.

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