Ceramic Art by Native American Artisan Magdalena Diaz

Ceramic Art by Native American Artisan Magdalena Diaz

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Genuine Native American Ceramic Art Souvenir by Indigenous Artisan Magdalena Lorenzo Diaz
These genuine Native American art pieces are magnets measuring 4 inches in diameter. Order as many designs as you wish. Having more colorful motifs will mean your customers can easily find several they like. This ceramic art is the primary source of income for North American Native Nahua artisans. Perfect for decorating in bright and beautiful colors, your Fair Trade purchase directly benefits the families and communities dedicated to keeping this art alive. Funds from these traditional crafts allow native artisan and painter Magdalena Lorenzo Diaz to maintain her household and the well-being of her four children. This Native American Folk Art is created entirely by hand, Guaranteed 100% Fair Trade, and includes a Curator’s Card.

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