Seismic Critters Collectible Curator Card

Seismic Critters Collectible Curator Card

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Seismic Critters Collectible Curator Card: Authentic Anthropological and Educational Information. The card says:
These fascinating and whimsical “Seismic Critters” are born in rural southern Mexico, in villages of the North American Native Nahua. As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, these liitle creatures began their lives as gourdss, grown to become motion filled mascots, pets and pals. The artisans who make them speak Nahuatl. The Nahua call these creaturea “Tlalolini”, which means earthquake. The artisans believe these creatures are endowed with the super power of telekinetic earthquake detection. In the Nahua villages, these delcately balanced zoomorphics are kept under glass and used to detect temblors or seismic activity. Popular with children, they were soon taken to the town and city markets, where Spanish is spoken, and where they were renamed “Seismicas” . Their journey has taken these lovable “Seismic Critters” from the land of Nahua to you.

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