Themed Statement Ring Collection

Themed Statement Ring Collection – Includes 27 Assorted Themed Statement Rings, Ring Display (15 x 15 cm) – 36 Slot, Three Finger Ring Displays (5 cm)

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Themed Statement Ring Collection

Elevate your style with a breathtaking assortment of 27 meticulously crafted rings (SKU# SSSR x 3, RSSR x 3, BLSR x 3, ECSR x 3, TLSR x 3, BWSR x 3, RBSR x 3, OWSR x 3, PSSR x 3) from Mexico, each designed to captivate and complement your unique personality.

To complement this stunning ring collection, also included is an elegant Ring Display (15 x 15 cm) with 36 slots, designed to showcase these exquisite pieces like works of art. In addition, enhance your presentation further with three of our Finger Ring Displays (5 cm), perfect for highlighting single rings with finesse.