Thimbles with Mosaic Inlay

Thimbles with Mosaic Inlay

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Thimbles with Mosaic Inlay
These collectible and hand smithed thimbles are made in one of the world’s most recognized focal points for the creation of folk art, Taxco, Guerrero Mexico.
Expertly finished, they feature a raised inlay enhancing the natural iridescence of Mother-of-pearl and Blue Pacific abalone. This produces a lustrous rainbow-like play of color that changes with the angle of view. Abalone and Mother-of-pearl are deep-rooted in the vitality of the ocean and have a strong connection with nature and mother earth. Calming and soothing, these jewels of the sea express gentleness and beauty. Every thimble is one of a kind. These unique Abalone Blue Pacific Thimbles with Mosaic Inlay are Guaranteed 100% Fair Trade and includes a Lifetime Guarantee Curator’s Card.
Designs and natural inlays may vary from product images.

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